Tim Wright To Explore A Run For The Bench

Press Release, December 9,  2013

Today, December 9, 2013, Tim Wright, Payson Town Attorney, announced he has formed an exploratory committee to determine the feasibility of running for Gila County Superior Court Judge.

Tim was born in Phoenix in 1969,  and has lived in Arizona all his life, graduating from ASU law school.  

A Superior Court Judge has jurisdiction over a number of areas in Gila County.  These include cases of equity which involve title to property, the legality of a tax, criminal felony cases, actions of forcible entry, insolvency, actions to prevent nuisance, probate, divorce, juvenile matters, and naturalization, just to name a few.  

Tim has had wide experience in the judicial systems of Maricopa and Gila Counties, preparing him for the Superior Court Judge position, including, a position at the Gila County Attorney’s Office, where he gained wide experience in criminal prosecution, the Peoria City Prosecutor’s Office, and Payson Town Attorney. 

Tim has a unique judicial philosophy, but one that should be a part of our judicial system.  His thinking is based on three major areas:  Justice, Mercy, and Humility. 

Justice---justice does not start with the end in mind and then back into a conclusion.  Justice takes the law, applies the facts, and then comes to a reasoned conclusion. 

Mercy---there are exceptional cases where the law allows the court to give mercy.  These are exceptions, not the rule.  They must be exercised with great caution. 

Humility---the courtroom belongs to the people, not the judge or the lawyers.  The judge is entrusted with the courtroom by the people and for the people.  The most important people in the courtroom are the people.  When the judge loses sight of this, justice is lost. 

Tim believes firmly in these principles and will live them every day he serves as a Superior Court Judge. 

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