How to Help the Payson Christian School Using your Arizona Taxes!

Most of us have to pay Arizona state taxes. What if you could choose exactly how you want it spent?  By sending it to the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO), you can claim that donation as a dollar for dollar Arizona School Tax Credit.  

You have to pay taxes to the state anyway, so why not choose to divert that same money toward helping families afford private school tuition instead?  For tax year 2015, Arizona law allows taxpayers to receive a credit for donations up to a maximum of $1067 for single taxpayers and up to $2134 for married persons filing jointly, or up to your state tax liability, whichever is less.  (You are urged to first check with your tax consultant regarding your personal situation.)

ACSTO is a non-profit organization solely devoted to processing tax credit donations and making scholarship awards to private school students. You can recommend to ACSTO that your donation be provided to a specific school and even a specific student.  Remember, because it is a tax credit, you will receive a dollar for dollar credit from the state. This means that, if you normally owe the state, you will owe less.  If you normally get a refund, you will get an even bigger refund.

It’s your money; shouldn’t you choose how it’s spent?

Please direct your 2015 tax liability to helping the students in your own Payson community!  Please designate Payson Christian School  as the recipient of your donation. Donate today at and be sure to designate Payson Christian School. For more information, questions, or to set up a meeting to discuss this in further detail, please call Julia Callahan at 412-335-9671 or email Julia at